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Several years ago, I accepted a temporary, short-term position that was similar in length to a travel assignment. A few days into the commitment, I realized I was working for a bully. And because of his unpredictable, unsettling demeanor, it was impossible to gauge the man’s reactions—even those to seemingly innocuous requests or reports.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, you know all too well that inappropriate conduct from leaders and/or peers sets the tone for a tense work environment. Simply put, it is something that should not have to be tolerated. Fortunately, the Joint Commission realizes the importance of addressing disruptive behaviors in the workplace, which can affect everything from staff morale, to turnover, to the delivery of quality patient care.

In January 2009, the organization will implement a standard that seeks to curb detrimental conduct, like bullying and lateral violence. Through the new Joint Commission principle, hospitals will be required to have a code of conduct that defines both acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. What’s more, leaders will be expected to create and implement a process for managing disruptive and inappropriate behaviors, and establish a team approach among all levels of staff. To review all of the pre-publication standards of the 2009 Leadership Chapter Hospital Program, click here.

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