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A helpful new infographic has been circulating the web for those new to travel nursing and students aspiring to become one. The Student Guide to Travel Nursing is an easy-to-follow guide that details information on the required education, experience, and necessary skills to become a successful travel nurse.

According to Healthcare Traveler, the origin of the travel nursing industry occurred in 1978 when the city of New Orleans experienced a short-term population burst during Mardi Gras. A contract nurse was called in to help with the surge of partygoers.

Since then, the demand for travel nurses has been consistently high and has become a popular career choice for students due to its competitive benefits. Travel nurses get to explore the country, receive great pay, and gain valuable work experience — all while helping others.

The student guide is currently posted on the Medical Solutions website and is also available in a printable version.

Jeff Long is the Marketing Manager at Medical Solutions, a travel nursing company. He has never been a nurse and is not a recruiter; his goal is to help you meet your career goals by sharing information, advice, and the benefits of travel nursing with you. He also blogs regularly at TravelNursingBlogs.com.

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